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A Guide to 20 Top Artist Residencies and Retreats Across the United States


A Guide to 20 Top Artist Residencies and Retreats Across the United StatesThe path to a successful art career can be a twisting one, but one commonly traveled route is the artist residency. There are hundreds of residencies out there, ranging from highly prestigious programs that are invitation-only — like those of Artpace, the Walker Art Center, or UCLA’s Hammer Museum, all of which mainly invite established artists to create fully funded projects — to more open, or even experimental, retreats…

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Woven Clay

by J. Friedman, H. Kim, and O. Mesa (Harvard GSD)

The Standard definitions and models of additive manufacturing, such as those outlined by ASTM (2012), often assume a layer-by-layer deposition of a material onto a flat surface. The research presented looks to explore what alternative formal opportunities that may arise when challenging these assumptions concerning additive manufacturing. Beginning with the robotic clay coil extrusion process, the research uses a bottom-up approach that asks what types of forms and scales can be generated with this process. Prototypes incorporate techniques such as weaving as a means of fabricating panels that celebrate the inherent nature of the coil itself. The woven patterns are designed to incorporate both assembly logics and performance qualities such as light permeability across a façade component. Through a series of full-scale prototypes focusing on a specific building application, this research works to resolve the seemingly conflicting nature between the inherent mutability of the clay material and the high level of control granted by robotic fabrication processes.

This clip was accepted as a video submission to Rob|Arch 2014 – the international conference on robotic fabrication in architecture, art, and design.

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Alexis Tellefsen Sneaks into New Paltz Magazine

BFA Alumna Alexis Tellefsen has images of her work and design process published in the current issue of New Paltz Magazine.

Even though the article is about 3D printing and the new Center for Advanced Manufacturing, Alexis’ work–which used generative computer modeling, inventive ceramic tape casting processes, and laser cutting (information about which can be found here), not 3D printing–is so compelling that they included it anyway! Image

Spring Ceramics Sale

The Spring Ceramics sale will be held Monday and Tuesday, February 24-25, 9-5, in SUB 100. Get free coffee or chili with your purchase, and help support, visiting artists, student thesis exhibitions, and travel to NCECA 2014 in Milwaukee!