Equipment & Tools

Equipment manuals, specs, links to manufacturer, etc coming soon.

Quick Release Bat Mold System:

See the Sub Page Design Templates & Specs for printable models and CAD files of the basic molds available in the studio.

Shimpo Jigger Arm Manual :


The hardware to attach templates and profiles to jigger arm was a combination of standard hardware bought from True Value Hardware in New Paltz and a 3D printed part that was printed in the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center, on campus and cost less than $0.50 (cost subject to change).

Instructions on submitting a print through the center can be found here:

Download .stl file here:

Print settings: ABS, 2 shells, 30% infill

Hardware from True Value:

Nut (inserted into knob): Item # 43277-C, $0.45

Knob: Item# 55429-F, $4.00

Bolt: Item# 44575-B, $1.10

Washer: Item# 43882-F, $0.40