Clay Club Meeting Minutes

11/18/15 Meeting Minutes

New Studio Policy:
Provide evidence to Michael of your weekly cleaning duties being fulfilled and clean personal spaces to keep your kilns.

Clean up after yourself. Put tools away.

Don’t slash open material bags.

Salt & Pepper Blue Cashew Event is published in Poughkeepsie Journal

Opening for Fall 2015 Student Exhibit in Albany, evening of Wed. Dec 2 at 4:30pm. 125 SUNY Students have work on display.

Kala Stein will be there the week of Dec 2 &3.

To see show at Yale Museum, up until January 6.

Get a name for Secret Santa.

Holiday Party date and place TBA.

Final Crits on Dec 16th 2:30pm-until finished



Meeting Minutes 10/28/15

Wood Kiln
Unloading today?
Friday, 10/30, 2nd Metals- candidate giving lecture, at 11:15 in Old Library, in the computer lab.
Monday, 11/2: 3rd Metals candidate lecture, same time, same place
Highly recommended attendance
Have spaces clean for:
Open Studios Friday
Put work out, Set up well and clean well
Work can be left out but not inhibiting traffic for:
Open House Saturday
Saturday and Sunday Tim Rowan and Jeff Shapiro have open houses
November 7: Art Centro Regional Sculpture show opening. 6-8pm. See work by Abby and Kayla on display.
November 12-13
Yale Art Gallery Ceramics Symposium
Big name artists and free event
Small Bailey was fired
Good firing, body reduction was heavy, and heavy reduction.
Lighter reduction is preferable to heavy reduction
Clean traps as well as sinks
Put tools back
Put kiln shelves back, INCLUDING TEST KILN SHELVES
When your cleaning, take care of clutter
Lauren Gallaspy
Here Tuesday and Wednesday
Tuesday starting around 9/9:30am: Demo and discussion, and studio visits throughout day. Dinner in evening
Wednesday lecture and individual critiques. Potluck lunch
Burners work on soda kiln.
Tuesday Nov. 17th possible firing

Sarah Heitmeyer

Meeting Minutes 10/21/15

No Sale happening during open house.
Sign up for Wood firing shifts.
Bring work over to kiln.
Kevin loading today and tomorrow, Thursday.
More plaster coming by end of week?
Soda firing, cone 6, November, 9th Monday. See Bre.
Chili Bowl Sale
Chili needs to be picked up Oct 27th tuesday, Rebecca volunteered.
If you want vegan/vegetarian chili call a local place for a donation.
Team 3 loading cone 10 glaze Friday night
Team 4 firing cone 10
Chili Bowl cone 6 loading on Sunday. Look for cart or put in Sarah’s space.

Sarah Heitmeyer

Meeting Minutes 10/14/15

Wood Firing

All work out at kiln shed by next Monday Oct 19th, loading beginning Tuesday Oct 20th, start firing Friday 23rd, finishing up sometime Sunday.

Sign up for shifts!

Clean the glaze room if you’re assigned to clean it. Clean spray booth filters.

Rotate chores with your clean team.

Put kiln shelves back organized. You’re responsible for the test kiln shelves in the same way as other kiln shelves.

Return tools to tool room. Break a bit, buy a bit, put it back. Clean up after yourself.

Don’t leave food in studio. Use trash bin in Rotunda for food.

Open Studio Friday Oct 30.

Open House Saturday Oct 31.

Clay Club Chili Bowl Sale- put work up on carts to fire.
Call local businesses for vegetarian/vegan chili to donate for sale.

Sale Oct 28 & 29, Wed and Thursday

No extension cords, no clip lights. Fire marshals coming back.

Don’t block doorways or taped off areas.

Clean your kiln shelves.

Sarah Heitmeyer

Meeting Minutes 10/7/15

Don’t prop open the doors, it damages them.
Kiln shelves: You are responsible for cleaning them if you sign up for a kiln, or if your kiln team is assigned. Take care of ASAP.
“Do the right thing.” -Anat
Michael e-mailed a revised contact list.
Bryan’s 3D Printing Workshop was great!
Respect your mentors and be active and engaged.
London Study Abroad Trip- see flyer posted
Oct 16 Meredith Host Workshop at Clay Art Center- see flyer posted
The Center is offering accommodations for the weekend.
Follow Ceramics New Paltz Blog and Facebook for Call for Entries
Field & Supply Craft Fair this weekend, Oct 10 & 11 in High Falls.
Clean sink traps.
Register to vote!
Clay Club Sale October 28 Wed & 29 Thurs in Rotunda
Oct 18 bisque- dry to have work dried
Oct 21 loading glaze
Purchase your own clamps and turn tables if you want to keep them in your space. Please return studio equipment to community spaces.
Bryan will be at KMOCA 12-4 this Saturday. Go see his work!
Kevin will be splitting wood this Saturday?
Volunteers needed for:
Open Studios October 30.
Open House October 31.
Oct 31 & Nov 1: Jeff Shapiro and Tim Rowan open house.

Sarah Heitmeyer

Meeting Minutes 9/30/15

Please clean well this Friday evening to prepare for

Ceramic 3D printer workshop this Saturday!

Show opening at Kingston Museum Of Comtemporary Art, this Saturday at 6pm.
Bryan has work on display!

Ball Mill: Use only the jars with rubber tops, there is one small and one large. Do not use the jars with the metal clamps.

Clean up your personal spaces and studio-cleaning-duty

Remember to close exterior doors when you leave, if you propped them open.

Wood Firing
Kevin is the new Tom!
Sign up to help! See signs on front studio door.
Work needs to be made within the next 15 days so it can be bisqued in time.
Splitting wood & preping kiln shed TBA
Abby contact for Art Centro to be involved?
Michael Hudson Valley Pottery to be involved?
Make-a-Thon next Tuesday! Oct 6 at 6:30pm.
Bring money for pizza and give to Amalia!

Clay Club Sale: Oct 28 Wednesday in Rotunda
Bisque by Oct 18
Glazed worked ready to go on carts by Oct 22 for Cone 10

Want to study abroad? talk to Anat

Clean kiln shelves as you go. They are the responsibility of the assigned kiln team or the owner of the work.

Claim bisque ware from carts.

Unload your kilns by assigned time. If there is a delay, communicate with those who are waiting to get in after you.

Kala Stein visiting December 2 & 3, Wednesday and Thursday. Activities TBA

Michael working on Soda kiln. Let him know if/when you want to fire.

Sarah Heitmeyer

Meeting Minutes 9/23/15

Clean up your own spaces, as well as studio.

Southwest Airlines has cheap flight from Laguardia to Kansas City, non-stop $256 round trip!

RVSP for 3D Printer Workshop! E-mail Anat

Suzanne Stokes needs an assistant for moldmaking/slip casting help with her foundations class. Kevin & Sophie interested? Anat will forward e-mail.

Call for Work: October 16: Environmental Art to be displayed on Walkway over the Hudson, 10ft of space provided to each artist. Everything must be tied to railing. Allora proposes a group collaboration. See Allora for more info.

Clay Club: Still waiting on Rotunda reservation for final date of sale.

Make-a-Thon Tuesday October 6 at 6:30pm.
Bring $ to Amalia to contribute for pizza.

Casey, Kayla, and Bree going to Haystack!

Meeting Minutes 9/16/15

See Bryan or Facebook SUNY New Paltz Grads page for info on job in Kingston regarding CAD/metal experience.

Kiln teams assigned.

Cone 10 firing in 2 weeks by Bryan and Michael, in Fred? If you have work/want to learn to fire.

Wood kiln firing this semester!
Kevin & Anat organizing
Loading October 21
Firing on weekend of October 23-25

Soda firing next semester? Stay tuned for details.
Can come in from winter break (January11-15?) early to make work for firing.

Small manual kiln cone sitter working fine.

Reminder: No clay mixing or power tools alone.

Digital Lab Hours:
2-5pm M,T,TH,F
10am-1pm Saturday and Sunday

Make-a-Thon Tuesday October 6 at 6:30pm.
Bring $ to Amalia to contribute for pizza.

RVSP for Bryan’s 3D Printing Workshop

Sarah Heitmeyer

Meeting Minutes 9/9/15

Cleaning teams posted
Take note not to fire cone 2&3 at same time to cone 6
Not all kilns fire the same
Use witness cones when firing
We now have slips specifically for cone 04
Use serge protectors, no extension cords
Clay Club – Make-a-Thon October 6, Tuesday 6:30pm tentatively
See blog for upcoming show deadlines

Sarah Heitmeyer

Meeting 2 September 2015:

Connect with Kala Stein

Lauren Gallaspy coming Nov 3&4
Coming with Christina West?

Cleaning Teams assigned

New water pump for sinks, lives in drill cabinet
*clean sinks weekly

Clay club:
Organizers: Allora, Cassie, Sophie, Amalia, Rebecca, and ?(missed name! Sorry!)
Dates needed to reserve Rotunda. Around Halloween?
Make bowls, 10-20 objects/person.

Need SSA representation

Submitted by Sarah Heitmeyer