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Michael Strand’s Misfit Cup Liberation Project Salon Recap

Misfit Cup Liberation Project Salon Recap.


Northern Clay Center’s Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award


3D Printed Architecture: Digital Grotesque (or Baroque)




Digital Grotesque is the first fully immersive, solid, human-scale, enclosed structure that is entirely 3D printed out of sand. This structure, measuring 16 square meters, is materialized with details at the threshold of human perception. Every aspect of this architecture is composed by custom-designed algorithms.

Visit for a further description.

Elenor Wilson, MFA Alumna, Associate Editor at Studio Potter

APRIL 2013

Springing Forward Indeed: Welcome, Elenor!

The Studio Potter is pleased to announce that Elenor Wilson has been appointed to the position of Associate Editor. Elenor is already familiar with the workings of SP, having been an intern here in the fall of 2008, during her graduate school years at SUNY New Paltz. More recently, she has been on the other end of the editorial process as the author of an article in the current issue, about her job teaching English in Taiwan (“No, I’m a Ceramic Artist”), and was a recent resident at Anderson Ranch.

Elenor Wilson, Associate Editor, The Studio Potter

Elenor writes: I was first introduced to The Studio Potter through an assistantship with John Glick and was instantly taken with the wealth of information and sense of kinship among potters that the publication held.  The conviction that sharing ideas and practices among potters through writing is essential to our field was deepened by reading SP articles, and kindled my interest in somehow being involved it its production.  After having spent the last three years living and working in Taiwan, I am thrilled to be returning to the States and its ceramics community in an immersive way.  I welcome the responsibility of promoting a provocative discussion about the issues in the field of ceramic art and look forward to connecting with the makers, educators, critics, historians, scholars, and fans that comprise it. In other words, I’m totally stoked to meet you!

Congratulations Elenor!