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Alexis Tellefsen Sneaks into New Paltz Magazine

BFA Alumna Alexis Tellefsen has images of her work and design process published in the current issue of New Paltz Magazine.

Even though the article is about 3D printing and the new Center for Advanced Manufacturing, Alexis’ work–which used generative computer modeling, inventive ceramic tape casting processes, and laser cutting (information about which can be found here), not 3D printing–is so compelling that they included it anyway! Image

Grads: Fall 2013 Research and Creative Project Awards

It’s that time of the semester again: The SUNY NP Graduate School is again accepting applications for the Research and Creative Project Awards, which provides modest funding for your practice while you are enrolled in the Graduate Program.


NOTE: All Grads will submit a RCPA grant proposal to Czibesz by class on Wednesday, September 25th. After review, you will submit to the Graduate School by the deadline (see below).

From Matthew Friday:

The purpose of the RCPA is to support and encourage research and creative projects that enhance graduate students’ professional development as they pursue their master’s degree or Certificate of Advanced Study.  All matriculated graduate students in good standing (cumulative gpa of 3.0 or higher) are eligible to apply for this grant.  The maximum award amount per recipient is $400 per annum.

Students may obtain award application forms and guidelines from The Graduate School’s website at:

Remember that there are sample grant applications on the MFA blackboard site under the Exhibitions/Grants/Residencies folder.

Some guidelines for what to address in your submissions:

  • Demonstrate how the grant will affect the material production of a student’s work
  • Produce work that results in increased visibility on/off campus List specific a venue where the work will be shown to the public
  • Outline a coherent and consistent research methodology
  • Include a detailed budget
  • Includes pictures of previous work or source material

RCPA funding is available for projects that occur during the Fall semester and the Spring/Summer semesters.  The application deadlines for both funding cycles are as follows:

Fall: October 1

Spring/Summer: March 1