The New Venture of the Founder of MakerBot, Bre Pettis


The Bre & Co. Spiral Vase combines advanced manufacturing and traditional ceramic techniques into one unique object. Each geometric vase is fabricated on a ceramic 3D printer. The vases are then fired in a large wood fire kiln, one of the oldest traditional methods of firing ceramics. Although every vase has the same glaze applied to it, the unpredictability of the kiln results in dramatic variations in color, ranging from an eggshell blush pink, to crystalized deep blue.

This is a limited edition range of 30 unique pieces, each coated in a nontoxic and lead-free glaze.

Each one is different so you will receive a unique piece.

If you have one of the color variants you prefer, write us an email at after you make your order and tell us what you like.

Bre and Co. is exploring the frontiers of craftspersonship, advanced manufacturing, and iterative design to create watches, pens, jewelry and ceramics. Our mission is to deepen relationships with heirloom-quality gifts.


High Fire Stoneware Clay



Printed on a Potterbot ceramic 3D printer. Because of the process with this printer, the first few layers of the vase are each unique.



Fired in a kiln heated with wood. Ash and flames lick the vases and make each one unique.

Source: Spiral Vase · Bre & Co.

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